Friday, 21 November 2014

Kenwood BM450 - 柔軟雞蛋吐司

以下製作以 Kenwood BM450 麵包機為準

程式1 (Basic)

水 243ml (目測)
蛋液 37g
高筋粉 375g
糖 22g
鹽 4g
快速乾酵母 4g
奶油 22g

1. 預備好所有材料, 順次放入麵包機裏面. (除了牛油粒外)
2. 選用 ”basic”功能.開麵包機.
3. 見所有材料成團後,加入牛油.跟著讓麵包機全程為你服務,直至把麵包.
4. 麵包一好,拿出殼,把麵包模.放在鐵架上,完全待涼最少30分鐘後密封存放。

Kenwood BM450 breadmaker

Super Soft Enriched Egg Toast

Programme 1 (White Bread Basic)
Size: 500g
Crust colour: Medium

Water 243ml
Egg 37g
Strong white bread flour 375g
Sugar 22g
Salt 4g
Easy bake Yeast 4g
Butter 22g

1. Add the ingredients to the bread pan in the order listed in the above recipe.
   *Add the (Wet ingredients) water,
   *Than (dry ingredients) add the flour, ensuring that it cover the water.
   *Add the salt and sugar in separate corners of the bread pan.
   *Make a small well in the center of the flour (but not down as far as the liquid) and add the yeast.
2. Set the bread machine to Programme 1 - Basic White Bread. Press Start.
3. When all the ingredients come together, put in butter.
4. Remove the bread at the end of the baking cycle. Turn out on to a wire rack and left to cool for at least 30mins before storing or slicing.

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